3 months now and still not "verified"

I’m beginning to lose faith in this whole coin/community in general at this point. I thought the idea of cryptocurrency was to create some sense of equality amongst users. Which is why the moment I heard about $MUSIC I felt overjoyed; the thought of being able to be an up and coming musician, or even just somebody that wants to promote themselves and doesn’t care about becoming overly-popular or famous, to be able and share their music with others around the world was an awesome idea!

I have a full album worth of my OWN music that I made about 10 years ago, and was always denied by all of the local radio stations to promote even a single song of mine, and so I became discouraged and eventually the band fell apart.

“Well what a perfect opportunity this ‘Musicoin’ sounds to be for me to get my content uploaded somewhere without worry of copyrights and whatnot!” - I thought when first finding the site. “Upload Track #1 good to go! Now time to do the rest!”

…except apparently NOT!

Become verified? Alright, sure, I don’t promote myself or my music anywhere, and I rarely use social media because honestly I stopped using Facebook once my mom and ex both made an account. Not even worth it to be part of that scene. And I have Twitter account, only to follow iphone jailbreakers.

But I have a soundcloud account! Surely that will help to become “verified” in their eyes enough to allow me to upload the rest of my music!


Over 100 days now since I’ve become excited and lost all hope of ever being involved in this coin anything more than mining it (which I’ve now also stopped doing since why help out any coin that wont help its users?)

So what’s really the deal here? Are just lying about the movement you’re trying to make, and really could care less about music in general and are more concerned with increasing your platforms popularity by hoping to have the next Just Beiber wannabe from Facebook and Instagram join on and boost your ratings? Or are you really about helping other musicians have an equal platform to help distribute themselves away from corporate greed and labels?

At this point I could really care less either way, but if I get the same cookie-cutter bullshit response about needing more “social media influence” before I’m allowed to become verified then I’d just like to distance myself entirely from such a jaded staff and quit wasting my time wondering.

@therealjayvi Verification’s based on you musical background and activity on other websites, I see your soundcloud has 9 tracks but it looks like you haven’t had any new tracks since 2011, don’t know what other sites your on, you should also put your musicoin link in your forum profile.

Send an email to reviewers@musicoin.org, not sure how fast you’ll be verified though since your last music activity was from 2011.


Hi @therealjayvi , thanks for your message…

First of all, Musicoin is a starting intitiative, aiming to provide a free platform AND aims to helping you (as an artist) to have a podium.
The platform is ran through a lot of enthousiast community members, again: ‘for free’. In this case Musicoin will have to assess somehow that you’re in the music creation profession for a while, to see what you have to offer to the platform/community, we take care, indeed (quoting your words), to not give all 'wannabee’s ’ a free podium.

Apparently you’d love to join the community (and I completely understand that wish!), but we were not able to assess whether your work fits into this community/platform.
Since you’re not part of the social media platforms we use as a standard (and reading your story I completely ‘get’ why) we’re out of reach to verify you. Do you have another suggestion to enable us to asses your work? Let me know!

Cheers… good vibes…
Mar T.


@therealjayvi as Hydro Hellsing already wrote, we need to see some musical activities on those platforms that we use for verification in order to make sure that we are dealing with real musicians and to filter out those who most likely aren’t that.

Artists who have little to no proofs on social media can contact us at reviewers@musicoin.org and we can suggest some real-life based way of proving that person is a musician, depending on a case.


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