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Apparently this category of the forum is meant for the use of one very bored person…with TONS of free time…or someone is attempting to cause problems with the site by means of continuous and non-stop posts claiming a “new release” by “OTHER” members…but with no link or even a comment within the posts. Anyone know what’s going on here?

@daniel-williams Lol Well not much we can do about it since it’s Admin, I just wonder if all over 3,400 posts are music releases. I’m pretty certain the forum’s gonna get an update eventually though for better arrangement, like a genre based latest tracks thread and some other things.

Looks like an admin gone mad to me lol 🙂

You can turn off this annoying notification:


@metkraming Thanks for the tip 🙂

@hydro-hellsing Yeah I get that now…still seems a little crazy though 🙂

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