Artist got 50.000 Musicoin in January without the according number of Plays. Why?

Can anyone explain to me why this Artist was getting paid nearly 100.000 Musicoin from 01.12.2017 until today? He got paid since at least August 2017 and has nowhere near reached the according Plays of his Payments:

See for yourself

Positif Seed Production

gets paid from here:

UBI$MUSIC/Content Reviewer

Please explain this, is there a reason behind it?
Dont get this wrong, im not trying to throw Mud at you.
It just seems highly unfair to the other 2.999 Artists on this Platform

I don’t know why. It doesn’t even matter how hard to try

bad deal to count someone else’s money

to answer with the same songs Lyrics:

““I’ve put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go””

So you say what your gouverment does with your taxes, how many money your polititians earn, possible cases of corruption - all unrelevant because in the end, it doesn´t even matter?

Basicly every Miner lets his GPU “count” someone elses Money to assure the transaction is logical, legal and consistent.
Where is the difference when a Human does?


The UBI account is Musicoins content program executor to issue compensation to the artist @crytoboy for his reviewing works according to previous deal(paid by number of new musicians), nothing special.
Unexpectedly, though, it surged a lot in the period you mentioned on new artists, so we have renegotiated the deal term, you are going to see less one time payment later with your hard work digging inside.

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