I was unverified & I am a REAL artist !! WTF??

Hello. Questions? Why is more time being invested into unverifying artist who are already verified than improving the actual functions of the site? Who determines what artist are promoted by Musicoin? I see artists being mentioned on twitter & being promoted by Musicoin… what determines who gets promoted on a decentralized platform? I’m new to crypto… but this doesn’t seem different from any other website where the administrators promote who they choose. Where is the level playing field? Also, who decides to delete artists’ information from their profile?? I have been strongly promoting Musicoin to new artist & listeners (to the point of being labeled a musicoin shill), only to find my profile was altered by someone other than myself. Is this normal for a blockchain to be changed by administration? Last but not least, why isn’t the wallet functioning & everyone complaining about dissappearing musicoin? These are big concerns… as I’ve noticed a decline in community enthusiasm over the past few weeks, due to all of the above. Sincerely- Firewater Redstarr

P.S. please add products!!


@fuego-agua Hi there

  1. Developers work hard on new site design.

  2. https://forum.musicoin.org/topic/89/why-my-account-was-unverified

  3. What would be the level of playing field according to you?

  4. Delete what artist information from their profile? Altered how?

  5. Normal for the blockchain to be changed in which way?

  6. The wallet is functioning.

  7. FUD

Altered by deleting all of the social site verification. …deleting the artist name … level playing field as in … all artist getting promoted not only chosen individuals… what is fud?


@fuego-agua Nobody deletes that info except owners of the accounts. It could be some kind of bug, if that happens please report it.

Twitter and other social networks are used to promote the project although it may not look like that to you the aim is to promote the platform. It’s not possible to post hundreds of songs daily because other important info about the project which is also posted will not be visible.

FUD https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt

@zeljko-stanojkovski that’s fud? lol … I’m pro-musicoin … that’s my point. However, thank you for your time & input. Peace&Blessings… see you on the moon.

@fuego-agua maybe we need a musicoin online radio station that randomly plays all the songs on the site & rewards the artist accordingly… it could also auto-tweet musicoin & the artist twitter accounts… I’m no programmer… just a thought. ✌ Peace.

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