I have been an active member of the Musicoin community for a little over a month now, and, regardless of some little difficulties with the playback from time to time, I really enjoy using the site! I tweet my heart out and retweet the tracks my other fellow musicoiners post, whenever I see them in my feed, I even came up with the #musicoinstorm hashtag, which facilitates the finding of those tweets I might have missed, so I can reshare them later. As enthusiastic as I am spreading the word about Musicoin, I post about it on every social site I use. I however recently encountered a technical issue when I tried to embed my Musicoin profile page in a cool new blockchain based site I discovered named . In a nutshell, this site allows its users (content creators) to create “cards” and post them on the page, spanning in style from plain text and picture format, to video or web links embeds, that the site’s growing community of viewers can then scan through and access. The card I created is not working properly though, as the link still opens up inside it, but the music will not play when the track buttons are clicked on. You can see the usual “Playback paid for by UBI” message, but no sound occurs. I was wondering if you could look into this issue and maybe find a way to work it out, as this platform, joined with, can be a great asset to this community! Here is a link to the card I created so you can see for yourselves:

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Thank you for taking the time to investigate the matter!