Vote for artist of the week- [WEEK 3]!

** Vote for artist of the week** [WEEK 3]

Future polls will be created every Monday.
Support an artist that you like with your vote.

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Sweetwater Space Station
Your Name Here
Franki Love
Rhonda Huete

Thank you so much for the nomination! We are deeply grateful and honored to be placed among such amazing artists! My daughter, Kristen Huete, is the drummer and backing female vocalist on our tracks so it is a double joy for us. Thanks again to Musicoin for the community you are building and to this community for rocking each others’ faces off. Cheers!
Rhonda and Kristen Huete 💖🎶

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Thank you guys so much for the nomination! I am absolutely honored. So glad to have found this community, and looking forward to the day we can all make a decent living off our music.

@garrett-eckl should’ve mentioned that I’m Your Name Here in my original post haha. Thanks again!


Rhonda for the win! She’s great!

Love your music - and love lots of the music from the other artists! What a choice! If only I could vote for all of you.

Right, I’m gonna listen to all the artists again and make a decision.

@thommo thank you, I agree and understand!

How can I be nominated for artist of the week? 🙂

Voted Rhonda Huete. Great voice, cool music.

Well, I still can’t make up my mind, so I guess I’m gonna have to listen to each artist again before I vote!
Oh well, headphones on, cup of tea at the ready.
It’s a tough life.

I love this site, it’s so cool to be able to share your music on here.


Ok, we have the artist of the week, it’s Rhonda Huete!

A new poll will be created in a short time so the community can vote throughout the week.

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