I’ve been waiting for verification for over a month now and it may be due to the fact that the song I initially uploaded was in wav format and I didn’t notice, so I deleted the track, and then realized I couldn’t upload anymore! Possibly why I’m still waiting for verification, could I get some help , clarification, so I can move on 🤓! Thanks!

I am still waiting too, how long does it have to take?

Normally, if you tweet them for verification, they will verify you within 24hrs. However, once you begin to do well, they will unverify you and not get back to you as to why. The artist I came to listen to has been unverified, and I am now unable to listen to songs I came to the platform for. Just an FYI from a fan.

I listened to show on Bitcoin podcast network (with DJ Never Ending Story), that was very good. I got inspired to start uploading music (i do instrumental electronic music); and it has been more than a week and I"m still not verified. I’ve only been able to upload ONE song.

Why this judgement process? If someone is making music, and this is a distribution platform…why would there even be a question of getting verified?

As long as you are creating original music, what’s the difference whether you have a high ‘profile’ in music space. I’m not a fan of social media. I have no interest in ‘social approval’. I was happy that I found a place I could upload my music and have it validated as mine. And a place to share it with the folks I want to share it with…if it gets additional fans…great.

Now there is some question as to whether I’m going to be VERIFIED?
Sounds like the wrong approach, Musiccoin.

Who are you to judge whether an artist is ‘legit’? Anyone who is making musical art is legit, as far as I’m concerned.

Hey all they posted a new Facts and things to know about Musicoin. This is from that posting. It’s under announcements.

“How do I get verified as an artist?
Artists must submit all of their social media/artist-related accounts on their profile so that we easily verify their identity and their music activity. Their chances of getting verified depends on their number of social media channels, as well as demonstrating how involved they were in the past with music content creation.”

I believe they are trying to make Musicoin a platform for active musicians. Not just hey I made some music take a listen to it. Not sure though that just my observation.

Try them on Twitter and see if you get a response.

Good luck.


@Veendo-Veendo You have a comment on your song’s page, telling what to do, standing there 10 days.

@Cryptoknight You received an email about verification and you did not reply to it.

@It-was-a-Rospel read this, please

@tiaqedwards That’s not true, and please see this

Email me an expired profile verification link! because this happened, because of this people can not hear my music

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