Moving Musicoin into a more formal development model/company?

Hi everyone, I have a development management background and I’ve been doing my research on Musicoin for almost a month now. One piece of info I’m missing is the organizational plan for this project. I see a lot about the 3.0 model and whitepapers for each phase. I understand that this project was born out of an open-source initiative with fairly informal leadership (correct me if that’s wrong).
What I haven’t found is a business plan: What does the Mcoin organization look like when 3.0 and future versions go to market? At some point is there a plan to create a formal dev/biz dev/marketing/IT team who are employees of Musicoin, a company? Surely with luck this platform will reach a level of popularity which necessitates more formal, more invested, and more agile teams on-hand to serve it.
Let me know if there’s some documentation I missed. Thanks.

great question. Since a couple of weeks some people (myself included) wants more information regarding the Business plan, I posted about marketing needs and stuff like that… The project has so much potential I don’t want to see blowing up away because they don’t have the ressources and a solid business plan…

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