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Hey All,
I see lots of indies on here and some really excellent music 🙂 How about a little tracking for plays with ISRC codes and all that good stuff? I think the platform would receive a huge boost from offering that service. Maybe a Musicoin radio station with the top Bands and Artists in rotation?
What do you think?

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That’s a great idea! A radio station might be cool, too. I have an online radio station, too if anyone wants to put a show together I’d be happy to air it?

@essince-royalheirent I was actually thinking of a simpler idea, just making playlists as mixtapes, but I would be happy to actually do a show, on top of being a musician and lover of music (and musicoin is actually filled with some really great stuff) I’m also a performer and stand up comic, and am pretty used to doing radio and podcasts. Can we get together on making that happen maybe?

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