New Playlist Functionality Via

I am pleased to announce that you can now create and share your own musicoin playlists via!

The playlist functionality is based on the awesome code by @KHAiiM and you can create unlimited playlists with up to 50 tracks on each.

Use the blue PLAY THE PLAYLIST link to test your playlist then share the URL from the playlist page and use the TWEET button to share it also.

You need to be logged in to create the playlist but users DO NOT HAVE TO BE LOGGED IN TO PLAY IT.

0_1516993419477_Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 18.56.06.png

Once you have logged in just go to to create your playlists as there is no link from within the menu system yet.

0_1516993168968_Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 18.58.57.png
This is brand new code so there may be some bugs especially if you use strange characters in your playlist names or track names.

Just let me know what you think and if you find any bugs and I’ll try and sort things out as quick as I can.

Hi JuXTa,
Great work there Thank you so much, here is mine below:
Will be possible to add it in the random playlists in the future?,for the atom credits i mean…
Thanks in advance.

It sounds very cool. I just want to try how it works.

That is what I can get from this for now.

Firstly it reported me syntax error for using '. Apostrophe.

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Thanks for this Juxta John! Really appreciated! Thanks to Self-Suffice as well for developping the original! 👍

I wanted playlist to call Free Hugs, but I do not know why it named Free, ooooohh , but here this a new playlist
Atom Collector thank you, your work is fantastic. Juxta your great music, new song I fear that the robot is great


@juxta kudos!


@jibba-the-gent Hey Jibba, looks great, but…

It’s not playing.
I checked your code and I think I know why…
[“0x2636a0a8d0422360e8c41e4ec3c76aef92d2310a”, “Turn it Round by Jibba the Gent feat. Robin Marie”, 4, 39],];

There shouldn’t be a comma between the last 2 brackets. The last song on the playlist is different from all the other songs, because it CAN NOT have a comma at the end.

Try it out!


@maelstrohmblack My pleasure siblin!


Having that ending comma on the last line seems to still work for some people some time. But @juxta is there a way to prevent that from being inserted?


@khaiim Damn. I coded this but it wasn’t doing what it was supposed to be doing.

Now fixed.


@juxta nice!

Awesome job @juxta

A way to make a playlist is exactly what I have been looking for. Being able to make a playlist is pretty important I think. I will chekc it out

Are there plans to incorporate a playlist function because this way seems to have too many steps for most people


@kahsay thank you

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