hello from Shotgun21

hi peeps we’re a new wave rock band from england …will be uploading some more tracks soon https://musicoin.org/nav/artist/0x4e95d1e57d4450e3836cb15d6166c9cab6616d38


And bloody good they are too! We have had the pleasure of playing on the same bill and seeing them live lots of times on the local circuit.

Can’t wait for the new material!

awww Thanks Juxta, you guys are the bomb too…

Hi guys

I’m Donatello and I live in London since December 1990. I compose music for classical guitar.
I run an online community that promotes artists, musicians, dancers and entertainers worldwide. Feel free to connect!
You can share your music videos and tracks on https://Donatelloclub.eu. It’s free to join!

All the Best and Happy New Year guys!

I totally dig your guys sound!

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