I can’t log into my account

My email is sonnguyenakanah@gmail.com

This is my account: https://forum.musicoin.org/user/son-nguyen

Can admin send me a reset password email?

@son-nguyen-0 Your forum password is your regular Musicoin password, you log into the main site with your artist account and your already logged in here.

@hydro-hellsing I tried to log in but it says account does not exist. Very weird. Right after I changed my password, I was logged out and can’t sign back in. Can you send me a reset password email or somehow help me recover my account?

@hydro-hellsing right after I click on that link I was directed here: https://musicoin.org/nav/feed

On the main site I am still in control of my account, but in the forum I just can’t use the same account. It’s really annoying.

@son-nguyen-0 That is weird, I signed up through Twitter and didn’t have to worry about passwords. So how did you sign up for the forum the first time, with a brand new account separate from your main account?

What you could try is logging out of your main account, clicking the forgot password link, change it and than try to come to the forum.

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