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So I got an email saying one of my songs would be played on the show (Episode 7)…AWESOME. Unfortunately I missed the live airing and had to watch a few hours later. At first view I thought “hey…this is pretty cool”…but then after what I watched had soaked in for a while…I became highly disappointed in how the artist were represented…and criticized.

My song did as it was intended to do…entertain…although the mix was classified as “horrible”…and karaoke sounding. The remarks about the mix don’t bother me so much as I don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad as suggested…and I’m already working on improving it because of those comments.

The thing is though… I was under the impression the show was created to promote the site and the artist uploading music to it. It felt more like 4 people listening simply to criticize your work…and if there was any part of it that did not suit their taste…then they must make it known PUBLICLY…and ask others to vote for their favorite (Artist of the Week) based on the imperfections pointed out amongst the various songs played.

So my question is…how does such a presentation of someone’s song benefit or promote them…or the site…in a positive way? I don’t feel that this approach is worthy of the show…and definitely does NOT make me want to watch again…much less persuade others to watch as it seemed like more of a joke than an actual attempt to get writers, composers and performers not yet a part of the site excited about joining.

I think the show would be much better if the negative critiques were dropped…and the focus maintained on each songs positive values…letting the listeners form their own opinion on the mix, lyrics, vocals etc…etc…

It would also be much more fun to watch if the show had a at least one guest present whose song had been featured…say the week before…who had at least been nominated regardless if they won or not…and the presenters ask questions about how that artist particular song that had been featured on the show came to be.

These things would be so much better than watching 4 people point out everything they DON’T like about your song as there’s absolutely nothing fun about that.

Like I said…the critique of my mix was not something that bothered me all that much as I truly do not believe it was that bad just because the presenters of the show said so…but I’m looking at improving it none the less because of the comments. It’s the whole idea behind what they obviously believe is positive promotion that concerns me. I can’t bring myself to promote the show if that is the path it’s presenters are comfortable taking it down.

Congratulations to Pelicat on his win…that’s something positive to celebrate!

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@daniel-williams I didn’t know that’s what the Musicoin TV thing did, review music I mean, I just thought they played the artists’. But that’s how any radio talk show/podcast is gonna be, regular radio play the song, the talk shows/podcasts review the music and talk about the artist.

That being said, you have a point, if the music/artist is too badly misrepresented it’s not really good, people who view it that way will tell their friends which artists to listen to and which to avoid, viewers who like the music will do the same, so it comes down to the viewers/listeners.

But again, bad reviews this early in Musicoins streams will have that negative effect; Build up the audience first so that it’s fair and balanced and won’t impact the artists’ negatively.

That’s exactly what I was getting at…it’s way too early to point out dislikes of a song. And they DO of course do this on other shows…but doing it to the music being streamed on your own site is a bit foolish I would say. It’s like having a consignment store of some kind and telling all your potential customers how much you hate the very items you are trying to sell for others. Why would they buy anything after hearing that?


I think format of show should be changed, maybe by inviting new artists for every show to host with (better artist who specialize in very different music to etch other), from musicoin platform. I think if invite multiple artist at list one new artist would be available at the air time.

Ideally it would be more fun to see new hosts every show. For me as regular watcher it becomes little bit boring to watch.
How about invite @Daniel-Williams to host in the next air?
Btw just watched episode 7 and your song More Than a Few its awesome, I guess I’m your new fan now.
It somehow sounded familiar with Dr. Feelgood lyrics for me even.

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Thanks so much for the kind words Crypto! Glad to hear you liked my horribly mixed karaoke sounding song lol. I agree about the show being a little bit boring to watch. I really don’t know how the other episodes went as I did not catch them…but if they were anything like episode 7 …I’ll pass. I think fresh faces would be a benefit as well. But the biggest change that would benefit it would be the absence of negative comments by the presenters. I mean really…like I had mentioned…I got an email that made it sound as if I’d been invited to watch a celebration of great music…including mine…only to witness something that turned my stomach. It’s really disturbing that the presenters felt the need to take that path instead of just playing the songs that had been nominated and NOT pointing out the areas they personally thought the songs they didn’t like were lacking in. Their music does NOTHING for me…and is boring, predictable and sounds like stuff I’ve heard for a lifetime in my own personal opinion…but I would have NEVER went on air and said “I’d probably like it if I was drunk”. If thats the kind of talk people are exposed to who are not yet a part of the MC community…who in their right mind would find anything appealing, enticing or attractive about that and want to sign up? They say they want to gain exposure and grow…doesn’t seem like it to me.

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