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Building a product is cool, but if no one is talking or knowing about it, it’s worst. That’s how some project around the blockchain went down… I think the team needs to allocate a non-negilable Budget on PR and marketing in the near futur.

From a pure marketing perspective, it is a pure insanity to think we will drive traffic to the platform only because of the good heart of people. Im not saying to oversell the platform etc… Musicoin needs to invest in marketing assets to spreads the words : Articles, twitter and facebook ads, youtubers… Name it.

If the team and the community agree on such effort, I can work on a marketing plan in consistence with the roadmap.

Like I said, I understand that the product isn’t ready yet. It needs a lot of improvement : stable wallet, better user experience etc… but we need to start thinking ahead of the curve.


I think we all around this pretty much agree with you. Hoping that the project speaks for itself it could be awesome but unfortunately something that probably won’t work long term considering the massive hype around ICOs/blockchain in general. I see that around me too, people don’t want any longer to put 10 minutes to check a coin because there are way too many, you need to make a huge impression to create interest, this is not 2015.

In regards to this. I think MusicoinTV ( its a great step forward, but it could use more PR and perhaps some transmissions about the team and in what they are working, for instance, I enjoyed very much Deadlybuda interview with Khaiim but the format of 1hr interview is not much appealing to many probably. I did tho, but I am someone very passionate about what we are building here.

I am not a social media expert, but yeah, articles, twitter and facebook ads could help too. I know our new marketing team member is doing great in Instagram, I am also enjoying the daily content, fresh, could use some help however.

I’ll let you know if I think of other alternatives, but I agree with you on building a product not only on good words but creating a snowball effect before we get canibalized by competitors.

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Hi all,

I couldn’t agree more. I tend to think the team is a little bit overwhelmed right now with the new interests. PR and marketing is central, along with a strong community.

I managed to get in touch with someone on facebook because I’d love to be an Ambassador of the project here in France, I sent an email, but no news yet and it’s been a while now.

Do we know if any member of the team interacts with the community on this forum?



Oi, tell me about it. It can be a LOT of work pirate marketing this project. I have very little access to SECRET information and have to work with what you all already know! I try to create ORIGINAL CONTENT in my own special way, mostly shilling the $MUSIC tag on twitter and making charts and memes and such. Spreading articles, etc.

What we really need is some information. There are a LOT of talented people in this community, and it would be a waste to not utilize these talents to push this project forward.

I also agree 100% that a FUND needs to be allocated to PR and MARKETING. We NEED more online content. We NEED some more events on Coin Market Calender otherwise the general public has NO IDEA WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO.

There is a difference between marketing to the musicians to use the platform marketing to the cryptocurrency community that gives the MUSIC COIN ITSELF VALUE… If the interest dies in the crypto world, the price of the coin will effect the musicians in a negative way.

There needs to be a strategy devised to market this blockchain technology to keep up with the increasing musician interest and adoption.

I believe the “proof of sharing” algorithm and Whitepaper 3.0 will be good for this crypto marketing, but we need at LEAST a timeline, otherwise it will always just be rumors.


@darksidejosh It’s all about information, call it marketing, PR or whatever. I think the lack of transparency / communication is seriously affecting the whole project.

@shamino I couldn’t find this interview on youtube finally did.
It would be good to have that on the musicointv youtube channel.

@thibault-shagersword ~ Hi I agree marketing is essential. But (and this is a note to musicoin) is there not a way of drawing in new external money spenders. What I was thinking about is to open a new genre of say “World War 2 Sounds” {very arbitrary} allow sound clips uploaded into it (donated) that may then be bought using $ or bitcoin, for use in whatever production they are doing. Another example may be the motor bike sound used in Atom Heart Mother. And just sounds artists may wish to donate for resale. Just to raise further income.

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