Vote for artist of the week- [WEEK 11]!

** Vote for artist of the week** [WEEK 11]

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Hydro Hellsing
James John
Mar T.
Dawn Gun
Jansky Official

Haven’t listened to all the artists yet so haven’t voted, but excited to see James John nominated. He has one of the most unique and unexpectedly brilliant styles of music on this site.


Oh dear, am I honoured to be listed here, thank you for selecting my work, staff… out of words…
Just listened to the other four artists listed and I’m in awe. I’m soooo going to lose 😉 😉
I’ll just vote from my personal preference, John James, my vote is for you!! Good luck all the others, enjoy the ride!
Mar T.

Another tough one…

And this week, my vote goes to @Mar-T - great song writing, vocals and instrumentation


Sorry guys, ladies first… Dawn Gun! 🙂

Go Janksy! The rest of you are great too 🙂

Mar T gets my vote. Love “Panama Paper”. Mix suits the vibe of the song perfectly I think…and the lyrics and vocals are great as well. He’s got his own sound that doesn’t remind me of someone else 🙂

For me it’s Mar.T as well. Not just a great musician but also a very collaborative one running the Songwriters Kitchen which is a great place to be.

That was pretty hard again! 🙂

So many good choices. Hard picks as usual.


@thevegasnerves Thank you so much for your support guys!! Appreciated a lot!! 😉 ❤ Cheers! Mar T.


@daniel-williams Yes man, that’s one of my favorites… Written in a moment of despair 😉 Cheers for visiting that one and thanks for your vote!! Mar T.


@fabian-birzele Cheers man, thank you! And great to see you around here on Musicoin!! 😉 Mar T.

It’s an awesome feeling to see my name among the chosen five… feel proud… Music is an international language .

Grafite & Hope - Beat and hope, showing the graphite side in sound and creativity.

By Werry Rodrigues

tough one this week i liked aspects of all of the artists but going for Jansky

Like them all…This time my vote goes to Jansky.
Long time ago since I have listened to such interesting and uplifting EDM music.

hello everyone! =] I like the vibes here you’ve all put in solid work, but my roots are electro - Jansky

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