Added existing Musicoin Wallet on new PC

Hello guys!
I got a new pc and synced my Musicoin Desktop Wallet on there too.
I clicked “Add existing Account” and typed in the Wallet Adress from my Musicoin Desktop Wallet I already had on my old PC.
I can see my musicoin ballance there, but I cant really use is. There is no “send” button.

What can I do to use my wallet on my new PC, so that I dont have to use the old pc anymore.
Thank you so much!!

hi @Raven You need to retrieve your private key from your old pc/wallet it’s in the folder storekey I believe. you’ll be abaible to send $Music after that.

Hello raven you can find your wallet backup file on old pc “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Musicoin\keystore” this file name like this “UTC…” and you must copy this file and paste into your new computer same folder Also you must open hidden folder options for see to “appdata” folder because this folder is hidden


Thank you guys!!

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