Music in China

Tell me I’m not the only one excited about being able to promote music to the billions of people within the Chinese population on the Musicoin platform…

I say this because, I feel crypto has the ability to cross all boarders (finally) and Music is the universal language!

Love the internet.
Love $MUSIC.
Let’s make it happen.
#worldwide #gamechanger

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@breez I was gonna ask to if Musicoin plays internationally, I got hundreds of followers yesterday and today from all over Asia and was wondering if I should promote Musicoin or spotify tracks more often.

@hydro-hellsing Hi! Just curious, how did you promote your music for Chinese audiences? I never looked into it.

@oly681 I didn’t lol, The day before I posted that in here 100’s of people from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Vietnam, Philippines and I think possibly Japan started following me. Regular people, social media promotion services, Journalists’, a Politician and Music artists’.

But if you wanna do it just look up music promotion services for different regions

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