Bounty for blockchain explorer instances

We have retired for it’s scalability issue. Now is up for public access but seems not enough. Anyone loves to run up an explorer instance, please reply here and we’d love to have a bounty for you. You can have customized domains by yourself, but must assure you have basic maintenance capability.

The bounty will be a reward for up-running continuously(2000MC/month). You will get a certificated badge to market with the endorsement from Musicoin Project.

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Hi, I’d love to run an explorer instance to support Musicoin! Please let me know what to do. Thank you!


You may check this repo to get instructions, . Please feel free to let us know your questions.

@im Hi, I believe, i can run the explorer

If anyone needs help getting it up and running, just message me.


@darksidejosh The wallet issue has been fixed already, the web links will be fixed soon

Hi i have few questions .
Is it possible to run this on Raspberry pi 3 ? , and how fast internet is needed ? I have fiber 100/10.

It’ll take a while to sync but it’s there:

I want. Please let me know what to do

@ussjlee Would love to help! how can I set it up ?

Hi sounds interesting. Do i need to run a website for this or just an instance of the explorer? What hardware is required and how much traffic?

Guys, I’ve installed the node and where I can check that I’ll receive reward? Also I can help to newbe guys. Skype: aadd0007
Please be free to use my instance

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@FRANK CHANG Good job! Is that on Windows or Linux?

@bart Did you try ? any updates ? 🙂

fuck it. I’ve found a tuto here to run a node JS on a Raspberry Pi…

I’ll see you on the other side.


Hi. I’m working on that. Right now i’m in the middle of syncing chain. It will probably take more than 24h. For now i don’t know if RP3 will be efficient enough for that job.

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