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Will there be an issue with the Wallet every time an upgrade happens?

I don’t know a lot about this crypto stuff, since I’m new to it currently (like most of the world). I haven’t yet transferred any musicoins into the wallet (Though I realize you Must do that before sending to an exchange) because I’ve been concerned that somehow I could end up losing all of my coins! …This latest wallet update proves that that idea can happen.

Also, are our coins in safe-keeping on the musicoin website … or are drastic measures needed to protect our coin count from loss?

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What issue exactly are you talking about?

@cryptofuture I think he means the way we have to upgrade the MC wallet app before hardfork gets here.

As far as the MC’s on the website though the only thing that could happen is your account get messed with, a bug in the system or website server problems. When your ready to send MC’s to your wallet send 1 first to make sure it goes through.

Aside from that you can back up your wallet after you send the coins and store it on a usb or other kind of drive in case that happens, other wallet apps let you do that anyway, MC probably does, I still haven’t sync’d mine yet, I just read all of that info.

Generally websites aint safe. Would you run around with 1000$ in your pocket all the time? (The chances to lose them would be much higher, as they would be ini your safe at home! @Breez So you really should use the desktop wallet. Its the safest place!!!
He is prolly talking about this: “All users of previous wallet versions should immediately download and install this upgrade in order to avoid loss of funds and prevent transacting on an alt chain, which may have potentially harmful consequences!” Link
Its not a wallet issue though, rather a hardfork “issue”…I guess it can be quite difficult to see the difference…

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Ok, Thanks guys. You understood what I was trying to ask very well. It was due to the wallet upgrade before hardfork, and the potential for issues happening with that whole situation.

Also, when syncing last night, I did see the ‘Backup’ function on there. So that helped put my mind at ease about it.

Thanks for the insight!


hello guys… i believe the safest way is to backup your account from the function provided in the wallet both old and new… when you do that even if you delete the wallet -if somebody steal your computer or whatever if you go to any other computer install musicoin wallet and import account from your backup after you sync to the blockchain then you have you account and your musicoins back 🙂 i think it is the best way because you can copy the backup file to wherever you want… the only thing is that you have to remember or write down your password anyway… without that you dont have anything ☮

Excuse me, how can I update the wallet? I cant do it I had download 2 and none is compatible, help me please

@jesus-sosa-sharpton Yeah I noticed that when I got it but I have x64, I thought there was a standalone version of GMC but that was a post from november so I guess not, Admin will have to respond to that or you can email them.

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@asterios-papastamatakis excuse me is there a wallet update for windows32 available?


There no x32 version for Windows, as gmc binary was only for x32. It might be available in future through, we didn’t expected such demand for x32 version. Legacy version run fine on Windows XP 64 bit, if your PC is old.

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Just seen all of this. Bit lost. Where/how do I download the wallet?

@Exposed-Brick https://github.com/Musicoin/desktop/releases right there. The legacy version is for XP, 2000, Vista
the windows-x64.exe for windows 7, 8, 10
@Jesus-Sosa-Sharpton and i just noticed, there is a 32-bit version available now 🙂

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