DAW of choice?

Those of you who compose music from scratch, what is your digital audio workstation of choice? I use Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 7

Reason | Cubase

Why do you ask? Are you in the market for new software … and if so, what Specifically are you looking to do/create …

@breez I was merely curious about what other people use to create their sounds. Mixcraft is likely going to remain my DAW of choice for my whole life. It has extremely good quality capabilities and the interface is just sooo good in my opinion

@sebastian-smith Word! Long as you’re making music, that’s really what matters. And if it works for you then go for it! It’s ok to keep an open mind (I’ve had to remind myself of this a few times) because it’s true, I can easily tell what program was used to make a beat, at least until you get into higher grade softwares. (ie: fruity loops is easily recognizable as a fruity loops beat, where as Pro Tools is not and more transparent - leaving the listener to simply hear the music).

The amount of processing & post-production will have a lot to do with the end product also, of course. Cheers! 🎵

Reaper is my current favorite. Used to use FL Studio, which was also solid but for different things IMO.

Fruity loops since its easy to get in, but you can do all the pro stuff with it.
For vocals i use cubase sometimes.

@breez MIxcraft is basically Garage Band on Macs but drastically superior and it’s for Windows. I love how easy it is to use. It needs more recognition I think

@sebastian-smith I TOTALLY agree. I use 7 and 8 PRO. I have Presonus Studio One as well…and started out with that…but Mixcraft is sooooooooooooo much easier to use in every way for me regardless of what it is I want to do. After using it for a while now I can’t imagine even bothering with anything else. The only step up for me would be a full blown brick and mortar studio 🙂


@lorenzo-pistolesi-0 I love Reaper as well! Just a small program, but a huge engine running fast! And it’s free… 😉

@sebastian-smith Right on, though I would never recommend anyone use garageband for any serious music production. It’s good for capturing demos, and mixtape material in a pinch! 🙂 I’ve done some tutorials on mixcraft for my young artists. They like using it for much the same purposes; show chops, demos, etc. Can’t argue the price point & if it works for you, that’s really the key. Only reason I said to keep an open mind is because there’s so much to learn in this world - we want to be students of life and not get stuck in our ways. I’m guilty of this at times. Master the tools you use, and good things can/will happen for sure.

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@breez It wouldn’t be the DAW that a brick and mortar studio uses…but the experience of the producer and mixing engineer that makes the difference over a home setup…at least mine anyway. Everyone knows that most…if not all of them use Pro Tools. I don’t have anything against that DAW…but the learning curve is way greater than what I use and I don’t have a lot of time for experimenting so I go with what I know the best 🙂

@daniel-williams I wouldn’t worry too much about a protools console. A production PC with hardware is all you need, the pro consoles still use the same virtual instruments as any other DAW so VST’s would still be fully in use, sound quality comes down to engineering, I do alright with no hardware and a low grade PC.


Another Reaper user here, and love it. I used Sonar for a long time (and Cakewalk Pro Audio before it was called Sonar), but switched several years back for the routing in Reaper.

I’m a Protools guy myself. When it comes to my professional work (editing, recording and mixing). When it comes to building tracks and coming up with ideas I’ve used from Garageband, FL to Logic. But I just got used to using PT early on that’s why it’s my go to.

Reason and Reaper. We like DAWs beginning with R, apparently.

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