“1 Musicoin per play of the DJ mix will be divided as so: 40% will go to the DJ, 60% will be split evenly between the tracks in the mix. So for example, if a DJ Mix has 10 tracks within it, .40 of the Musicoin will be paid to the DJ, and .06 Musicoin will go to each track in the mix.”

I’m seeking opinions from DJs and musicians alike on the forum about the figures. I believe that 40% is too great a figure to assign to the creator of the mix (DJ) and propose a lower figure of 20-25%. Reasons and my own experience in the industry listed below to support this.

Background: in the industry since 1989 as a musician (29 years) , dj (radio - 13, club/festival - 20), synch licensing (10), record label (9), music writer (5), event & tour organiser (10)

Rationale: I recognise and agree that a DJ is a creative force in crafting a mix. The reward for this work, I believe should be on a more equal footing with the music that makes up the mix itself. Whether this means a 10 track mix is split 11 ways ( 1/11 $MUSIC for each track and 1/11 $MUSIC for the DJ) or a lower fixed % is something I’d like to see discussion on.

The current $MUSIC split is a proposal and seems not to be fixed Musicoin policy.
Please leave your opinions in the comments on the subject and let’s see what the Musicoin musicians and DJs think of this.


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