Popular streaming platforms payouts vs musicoin

Just read this, it was published friday.
How about we suggest they add Musicoin to the list… to see the huge difference in payouts? 😉


Indeed! Is this an important publication paper for Music? One of our PRs should hit the writer of this article!


Yes, Digital Music News is a reference.

From our level, we can post links and information about musicoin in the comments section of the article. PR grassroots!

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@pamelahute Thanks for sharing. Interesting that Apple is growing, I thought it was just a one horse race - Spotify. Still shocking the remuneration levels though 😞


@gjart It’s not going to get better. Apple’s strategy is smart and they are definitely the ones paying the best amongst the popular platforms. Things are moving, slowly, but they are.

@shamino yep D.M.N. has a large audience.

Ari Herstand also publishes on DMN. he could be interested. but be careful he could go hard on the limited functionalities and slow performance 😉 - www.ariherstand.com

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Hi all,
An interesting study has been published by the Finnish artists organisation : https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/finnish_researchers_examine_spotifys_artist_payment_scheme_suggest_alternative/10086033
It studies the difference between Pro Rata and user-Centric payout scheme on popular platforms.
It’s been quite a subject in various countries, in order to give a fairer remuneration to smaller artists.
It won’t ever beat Musicoin, but it’s still an interesting debate to follow !

Thanks for everyone’s Post

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