Main Screen changes ????

Hi everyone,
First of all congratulations for this fantastic project and its creators and all musicians out there that will benefit in the long term of this technological evolution. There are a couple of things that I think will benefit everyone in the long term.

In my opinion the main hub or main page for everyone is a bit musician biased, by this I mean that the fact that the new artists, most played and most tipped columns appear in the front first, although a very nice thing to have in the main page it clearly falls into one of the errors that led to old industry that is to be dominated by the same people, big names and companies always appearing in the forefront. The non artists looking for a certain genre will always have to click in one of those names in the front page and visit thousand of other people maybe leading to frustration, sometimes I want to be quiet and listen to holy sirens whispering in my ear but if I had to go through death metal and happy hardcore which I totally respect and admire, I would tend to go and find it in another platform that calls me with their grouped artists and similar artists screen.

I think the main page lacks one important factor that is accessibility for artist and non artist alike to be able to see different Genres to access first to a great list of artists that unless they are new or the most tipped or just released is hard to access to. By no means I wish to have those other features removed but putting them at the forefront just leads users that are not used to the interface to click those artists there and having to actually go through maybe lots of other genres to find other artists that may suit your genre or mood at a given time.

I know that I may be biased by the way we are always conditioned to look for music a certain way being a genre or a certain artist and that here you go jumping from person to person until you find something you like which it can take time and that here is the way it is. … However, I think the interface of the main hub would seriously benefit from an easier access to genres.

Thanks for reading and hoping this in some way adds something to the project and nobody felt attacked…happy harcodreans and deathmetallers alike . By the way English isn’t my first language and may be mistakes were made…sorry am a human after all…or maybe a mancat who knows…!0_1516616805437_man_cat.jpg

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