Bulk uploads

Hi all,

Although most people listen to music track by track nowdays, some of us enjoy discovering a full album from an artist.
I started the work of uploading my back catalog on Musicoin but I have to do it track by track, and I released a track/day approx.
Why not add a bulk feature, so we can release full EP’s or Albums, or at least a few tracks at a time.
It won’t make sense for all of us, but it will certainely for some artists.
Also, grouping releases in albums or EPs could really help make the profile pages of each artist clearer.
If I continue uploading my past records track by track, my profile will soon look a little bit messy.


I would agree that the fundamental UI/UX design needs to be more streamlined and organized. Currently it is bloated and cumbersome.

Needs more groups and subgroups for information, needs to be more efficient, more user friendly and more compartmentalized.



When we’re dealing with music problems are the same, whether you have 1000 vinyls on your shelves or 1000 tracks available of your fav artist on a streaming platform.
You need to sort things and be organized otherwise you can never find the music you’re looking for. Having the possibility to organize tracks by albums seems elementary.
And more generally, the website should allow an acces to releases by genres.
I think the listing idea is not great. An instagram like feed, where you see the squared cover of the latest releases, would be much nicer.
That’s for the UX.

As far as the user / artist is concerned, a bulk option when uploading, in order to release a full ep/ album could also make sense. It would make the whole process of uploading much easier. Licences are usually the same for an EP or a record, so information could be the common to all tracks. In the end, it would be a time saver for both artist and listener.

Last but not least, and it might have been discussed earlier, uploads should be aiff/waves. Sound quality is central on a music platform. But I’m sure that’s in the works.



@pamelahute This is one of the issues solved by the Embedded Player BETA. You can group, order, and share music by one artist, genre, label, etc. Check the link in my signature


@khaiim hey, yes I followed your work, it’s great. My remark was more on the artist side. The idea is to be able to organize your own profile, upload a full album at once, and make your discography clearer for the listener / user.

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