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Maybe we should do something about this kind of random / hectic posting ! 🤔
An admin seems to be posting this, and there must be a good reason for it, but honestly when you’re trying to navigate on the forum it’s really annoying…

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@pamelahute Well as long as they’re new releases it’s not that bad, I will say though it’s common sense that multiple tracks from the same artist only need one thread to promote them all, not a thread per track lol. Breakcore is gay is hopefully a track title and not an insult, I imagine we have forum rules about that type of stuff if it’s an insult.

If that Admin is the artist behind all those they only needed one thread, if it was a showcase of artists they like it still only needed one thread. But I’ve been feeling from the beginning that the forum and the main site is a bit unarranged right now, I’m sure they’re gonna fix it after hardfork.

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I have to go with Pamela on this one…they’re very annoying and a classic example of mass spamming If I ever saw one. I also noticed that a lot of them appear to be releases of songs uploaded by someone other than the poster. Call me crazy…

@daniel-williams She must’ve struck a nerve too, he’s been goin for hours now I’ve been laughin about it lol, nobody else can put a latest release post if they wanted to.

The worst part of it is the posts don’t even contain a link to the songs. Must be nice to have so much free time you can just sit around and create meaningless post after post after post. Again…call me crazy

It really scks and im annoyed by it, since ever that news section was implemented. It really really is spam… Getting notifications for the same news on different sources ist as stupid as posting song names!
Really put all that news in a section where it doesnt trigger notifications. You cant see the " I NEED HELP PLEEESE" post cause it almost been pushed away by 100+ news a day

you can choose to ignore all posts on that thread …doesn’t make it any less annoying but at least it’s not in your face all the time

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman Lol ever since this thread got made it pretty much went 24/7, it was every so many days before. Either way it’s one of the Admin doing it so it’s whatever lol.

How you do that @ShotGun21 ? that actually all i need lol

Figured it out. You click on “All Categories” and select the categories you want to notified about! Thanks @ShotGun21

Ah when you click on the “unread” button left top… the next page at the right side there a selector " All categories" if you click on it it shows a dropdown to select and deselect.
But it lost the ticks, i made there… not sure ive todo it every time, than its useless 🙂 @Asterios-Papastamatakis

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman Naw you shouldn’t have to do it every time, I did it the other night and it saved, it might be your browser if you set it to delete data when you close it.

No my cookies aint deleted, since i dont have to login every time i visit forum or other sites

i only had to do it once just choose the ignore thread option

@Asterios-Papastamatakis thats just for the search:
For permanent do this: Click on categories top left. then you click on the category you want to exclude eg "latest musicoin news"
in the category there is at the right side now a dropdown that shows “watching” change it to "ignoring"
Yeah im glad that someone figured it out lol

ps you need to do it on the subcategories

@hydro-hellsing Admin gone crazy like I mentioned before. I mean really…how is this repeated spamming of that news section…regardless of who is doing it…good for the site, it’s promotion or appeal to newcomers? Like I said…call me crazy

@daniel-williams I have no idea, I don’t know who would search the site for each track since there’s no link with the posts’. All I know is it’s either an auto poster or it’s a few admins taking turns cuz it’s every hour, I only saw a 2 hour break between posts in the last 24 hours and I know one person’s not posting for 22 hours lol.

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