Hip Hoppers

Be honest now,

Has Anyone here - who uses the musicoin platform to Sell Beats online - ever made a sale through the use of musicoin promo/funnel?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

  • As a music producer myself, I’m curious if there’s a market on this platform (currently) for such product.


@breez I make beats but more for listening, not to sale, if someone hits me up it’s whatever, but you already know how that is, people want collabs and free beats all the time, which I also don’t mind if we monetize it and split the profit.

But this isn’t the platform to sell beats unless you can download music, which I read you can, but I don’t use the listener version to try it. This is more of a platform where people who wanna buy beats from you can play them here and you still get paid whether they do business with you or not, which actually works out perfectly when you think about it.

So when you promote beats to sell this is the platform to do it, keep the beats on here, send them out manually by email when bought until they upgrade a beat shop type of deal that does it auto, if they keep that free rather than a paid Musicoin service it would be good, but even no upfront fee and just a small cut of each sale would be alright.

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