Improvement idea for engaging listeners

Hi, I’m Drufi, musicoin artist from Australia. Just wanted to share an idea based on a fail. My family and friends have shared my enthuisium for musicoin but a few of them are not ok with the idea of signing up, giving personal details, email etc. but i’m confident we can break this distrust barrier by providing an open shop front, like youtube for example where non registered users can try out musicoins, and make it allowed only for playing songs. if anyone wants to comment or follow then a friendly message such as "you must be a registered listener to do that 🙂 " so they feel like “hey, i wanna comment, follow and save to playlist - ok, i’m gonna sign up as i’ve tried it out and enjoy the range of music available”.

Anyhow, the website is great, fast server, hassle free for artist uploading. I cant think of anything to change about the musicians side of things but pls give consideration to an open home page and ease of use before listener decide to commit to signing up.

Plus we all need to engage each other more by actively listening to each others tracks, and keep adding the #musicoins hashtag on facebook and twitter. Heads up that there is someone on twitter using @musicoin who is selling prescription meds over the net. I have reported that one and implore others to do the same, so musicoin hashtag is not abused by this fake account.

Musicoin can be the next big thing, but its up to us to plug it and get the name out there in the public sphere.

@drew-finlay said in Improvement idea for engaging listeners:

like youtube for example where non registered users can try out musicoins, and make it allowed only for playing songs

Thats already the case isnt it? Users dont need to register to listen to Music of verified Artists


Right @Drew-Finlay , as @David-Bentler said, you don’t have to be registered to listen to as many tracks as you want. You just can’t tip or comment without registering. I don’t know if an Australian IP triggers a different message (I’m in the US), but I don’t think that’s likely.

What I think might be happening is that your friends are going to the MAIN MUSICOIN Page. THAT is where it asks them to sign up. I refer people directly to my artist page so they can get familiar with it first, just like you suggested

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@khaiim From Facebook users getting directed to main page, will get someone else local (in Australia) to try it again. It may have been the case I was unverified at the time. Will come back to this post in a few hours to update the current outcome for FB to MC. I know twitter link works fine, but many of my friends use FB and instagram. Cheers 4 the replies, brb shortly

Tested, I stand corrected, everything is working fine. Thx for your replies, and I will delete this thread after you reply to confirm you see this message that all is well. Sorry to have taken your time on this matter. Cheers, Drufi


@drew-finlay No problem at all brostar! And don’t forget to post your profile link in your signature so we can check your music - PEACE!

Not sure how to add signature, had a poke around but yet to figure it out. It aint hard to tell Khaiim got tech savvyness, def a huge asset to the musicoin community.
Are you Self Suffice? Tipped a coin - if that aint you sent a link and i’ll tip for your reply and help here, its nice forum with friendly people 😉 peace to you too poet, keep em coming!


@drew-finlay yes sir! Thanks brostar, right I am Self Suffice. To add your link to the sig. Click on your name in the forum (in blue) and look for a blue circle to pop up on the top right. Click that circle and click “edit” and it should be easy from there.

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