Are developers being compensated enough?

I wonder if Musicoin team is being compensated enough? Passion and good will will only get us so far if we want to build a successful platform which will transform music industry forever for the better.

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@vidas-pinkevicius that’s a really good point…
I’m sure it’s somehwere… but can anyone tell us how that system works?

@brad-morden 5% of every block mined goes to Research and funding.

Amazing - so thankful for everyone mining and making this together happening - so that the world of music can be more diverse again!!! Big congrats to all developers (still learning to programme) and people adding to increase the value of Musicoin. I add my best supporting artist and will print some Musicoin stickers soon to spread them around in the team and in London to get more musicians and listeners ON BOARD of Musicoin.

That 5% dev fee is worth 1500$/day (at 0.02$ per musicoin). I guess it should be enough to keep them up and going. I don’t know how big the team is, but given they have a 40-50k usd budget per month, it should not be a problem.

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