Hello! Bruce Balensiefer introduction

Hey all! I just joined Musicoin and uploaded my latest single. I was told about this platform by my buddy Empire of Lights (also a Musicoin artist). As for me, I’m a bass player and engineer/producer in Seattle WA getting back to making music and collaborating with other artists after several years pursuing other interests (such as crypto!) and a professional career in software development management. I play a little guitar too, now.

I have formal education in music composition, performance, arrangement, and recording technologies and a home project studio where I create music for myself and other artists in my network. Favorite styles to play and produce include heavy rock, EDM, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, and Downtempo/Lounge. One unique tool I have is a synthesizer sound for the bass guitar with envelope control via a wireless ring controller.

I have produced an EP for emcee Watt$on several years back and I’ve produced a remix for Empire of Lights that has proven pretty popular, which I will be uploading here as soon as I’m verified. I’m currently working on a track for a local vocalist and continuing with my solo instrumentals.

You can see my YouTube videos here if you’re interested to see me play and hear some covers I can’t upload here for rights reasons.
My website: www.brucebalensiefer.com

I think the blockchain will revolutionize the music industry for the small folks and I can’t wait to see how things develop in the coming years. I hope to be part of it on the music side and the tech side as much as possible.


Welcome to the show. We’re currently in the gathering talent, grass roots promotion and backend coding phase. Big things comin down the pipe this year, consider yourself an early adopter and strap in, this project IS the future of streaming decentralized music and FAIR pay per play to the artists.

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