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Hello all,

we’ve been talking a lot about the UX and UI of Musicoin on this forum. The whole interface looks a little cheap compared to most streaming services. It seems that is still a lot of work to do to attract users. I can imagine it’s a huge effort though, and I know the website is still in beta.

However, I wanted to highlight a very interesting project I discovered a few days ago
It’s a German streaming platform only focused on Classical Music.
The whole interface is very beautiful and easy to use, very simple and elegant, the search criterias (although adapted to classical music) are unusual, and I thought it could be interesting for developers to check it out.

Also, as most classical pieces are much longer than pop songs, the platform pays the artists using the user centric remuneration mode (instead of the pro-rata system), and introduced a time criteria to determine the royalties rate depending on how long you’ve been listening to the piece.

All those ideas are worth a look or a chat, don’t you think?

Cheers !


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Thanks for sharing Pam, I believe that the new website has already been completed, it should appear in the near future.

exciting moment to be part of Musicoin 🙂 It would have been awesome to have a competition on the forum/social Media to on the UX/new version of the website. Maybe next time ?


Yes guys, I can imagine most of the work has been done on the new website, it was just a comment. I always find interesting to see what other brands do and how they do it. These are always good ideas to share, trying to improve musicoin for both artists and users.

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