Unable to link FaceBook? \


Trying to link my facebook page however when I click the facebook button it pretty much just reloads the page? Tried different browsers as well as turned off pop up blockers and still the same result?

Any ideas at all?


@jay-niesler I didn’t have that problem, could be a bug or an API problem with FB, were you signed in to FB already while trying to connect and if so try signing out and than try to link again.

@Hydro-Hellsing Strange! I did what you said, logged out and it asked me to log into FB again however it just goes back to https://musicoin.org/nav/feed after loggin into FB. Is there some way to ascertain if it is in fact linking to FB? Would it appear on my public page or something?

@jay-niesler Yeah you can go to your profile page and it will show the logos of the sites you entered links of, click FB’s if it’s showing and see if it takes you to your profile. But it’s not required, they want your links to make sure you have a musical background and have been active on other sites with your music.

If it didn’t connect to your FB you can just paste your profile link in the url form where you enter the other links. Also, it connects to your personal FB, not your Music page, so if you don’t have a regular FB that might be the problem.

But again that’s not important, just the links to where your music is at online.

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@Jay-Niesler It looks that you created two accounts and Facebook is already linked to the other one.
Log out from Musicoin, log in by using Facebook log in option, then complete that profile and upload one track.
After that our review team can actually see your profile in a queue for verification and process it. 🙂

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