Vote for artist of the week!

** Vote for artist of the week**

We would like to start voting poll so the community can vote for one of the nominated artists and participate in choosing our artist of the week.
Future polls should be created every Monday.
Support an artist that you like with your vote.

Check artists here
Alex John
Newen X

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First off, how are artists nominated? Or are you curating and short listing a select few on your own?

I would also love to know how artists are nominated 🙂


Voted Alex John.

Here’s my logic:

I love GJART and Newen X, but Alex John has a very commercial sound and look, and a really excellent voice, which I think would help improve the perception of this site to a certain extent.

Of course I would vote for myself if I could 😉


@slusk They are nominated by our review team. But it also may be described as a curating and shortlisting them in a few steps to identify the most suitable ones.


Ok, we have the artist of the week, it’s GJART!

A new poll will be created in a short time so the community can vote throughout the week.

@zeljko-stanojkovski Fantastic news. Thank you and thanks to everyone who voted!

@spawn Thanks!

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