The Week of Indie! [The contest has ended]

I have an acoustic rocker that has been considered “indie” by other services and so I figured I give it a try:

If you do not consider this “Indie”, please let me know.

Thank you for listening!

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@shotgun21 Yeah yeah!

This week, I’m voting for the inter-galactic John Aziz! Live long and prosper!

@maelstrohmblack Appreciate your vote, and appreciate the votes of everyone who voted for me. Seriously, I love you guys and girls.

Thank you @Zeljko-Stanojkovski & thank you to all my friends and listeners who voted for me, I don’t usually win these kinds of things, so I feel very lucky to win song of the week. 2nd and 3rd place songs were amazing, @ShotGun21 & @pamelahute, I upvoted you both and love your music. Musicoin is the best and I keep discovering more and more great music on this site, and hope this site continues to grow for years and years to come. I look forward to upvoting more songs next week. Peace.

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congrats on the win …:-)

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