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** Vote for artist of the week** [WEEK 10]

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Banned FTC
Daniel Lee Williams
Adam Schumaker
J Rice

got in first…tough one again but banned ftc clinched it with that swirly hammond groove


Amazing selection again, super difficult to choose just one!

i vote for daniel, this one was really hard. all with their own unique quality, my decision is based on lyrical content as all the tracks had great backing

Daniel has my vote.

Tough choices again, but our vote goes to Pelicat 🙂

Oh, I love this time of the week…time to listen to some new music and make a choice. Well, here goes…

Hmm…a tough one. Have to go back to check again…

And my vote goes to…Banned FTC. Love the happy, upbeat feel of the chorus of ‘Say Whoa’ - really put a smile on my face.


my vote went for Banned FTC… nice song and killer chorus… it stays in you head… 🙂

good selection this week - I liked something from all of them!

in the end went for Banned FTC but it was a close thing.

J Rice has my vote for this one but Banned FTC was also very enjoyable!

well i thought they were all pretty good , nice to hear some real propper songs , all well constructed, but i JRice had the edge for me.

Great music from everyone this week, but Pelicat are one of the best bands I’ve discovered on this website and got the vote. This is the great thing about Musicoin. Lots of adventurous and interesting artists. It’s like Soundcloud back in the day. That’s what sets it apart from all the other crypto competitors.

You all rock. Every artist had something unique and interesting about them.

Grafite & Hope - Beat and hope, showing the graphite side in sound and creativity.

By Werry Rodrigues

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