Majority of people probably are non tech here

Majority of musicians on Musicoin probably don’t have a tech background. Therefore, it’s vital to keep the tech side in wallet installation to the minimum. It would be best if one could click some 3 buttons. Or even make 1 button-installation. Maybe we don’t need a full blown wallet where you have to sync to the network for hours. Maybe lightweight wallet would do? What do you guys think?


@vidas-pinkevicius I definitely agree that there should be step by step instructions to the main processes. Otherwise non tech musicians or listeners will just give up.

I need a step by step instruction with this stuff until i can get my bearings haha

I have personally given up on using the wallet. The whole cryptocurrency thing is very new to me and I’m a musician before being anything else. I do use a computer for making music but it has really nothing to do with mining, coins, wallets etc… and things aren’t really explained clearly anywhere for newcomers…Plus i’m getting all sorts of errors with version 0.8.

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I thought I was upvoting Stephanie’s statement. Read the new white paper. Seems two basic things are needed. 1) Simplified, clear, instructions about how you acquire MCs; what you can do with them, if anything–can they be used to “tip”? 2) forgot already. Distracted by the micro-lettering. Oh, yeah, now I remember. Try to make everything idiot-proof.

I gave up three times on it, tipped all my coins away till i got it running… Maybe Musicoin could have a secure Website like MyEtherwallet as alternative?

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