Desktop Wallet does not sync.

I downloaded wallet v1.0 and sent coins from the Web Wallet to the desktop wallet.
I am troubled because the chain does not synchronize.
The balance of the desktop wallet remains “0”.
Please help me.
I am sorry but I am not good at PC.
I am glad that you can tell it easily.

(System: Windows10.)

@藤咲有里江 Does it connect to peers? If it is connected to peers you need to do a time sync with internet ntp:

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman He might have the same problem as I’m having, sometimes the app stops syncing completely but just needs a restart. Mostly mine is just a matter of taking a long time, I’m not even 95% yet, been syncing for days lol.

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You need to delete your old blockchain data in %appdata%\Musicoin (windows) to get the fast syncing. Rename the folder and delete it after all is fine. Do a time sync to make sure systemclock is fine, before starting the wallet. Import your wallet after sync is complete
it just takes 45 min on a new system

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@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman I wanna try it, but it’s just over 95% now and I don’t wanna mess it up lol. I’m on an slow system though, it’s only got 1.5 gb of ram so that’s probably the biggest problem.

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman I have a couple questions; I tried it and it hit the normal download speed but than when it got around 18% it hit the same problem, it downloads over a mb per sec, than down to 100’s of kbs, than kbs, than down to bytes. Would something else be causing the slow download?

Also when I deleted the data and renamed the folder it just created a new chaindata folder, is it supposed to do that or was it supposed to download into the renamed folder, and if so what setting do I need to tweak?

Did you import a wallet while syncing?

Thank you very much.
I am trying, but I have not solved the problem yet.

It took me two days to complete the synchronization.
I sent a coin while syncing.
I tried sending a coin even after the synchronization was completed, but the balance is still “0”.

Time synchronization has also been completed.

Desktop Wallet
It is “Sync 99.98% complete”.

However, old block chain data is not deleted.
I can not understand how to delete which menu on which screen to open and how to delete the recorded items.

@藤咲有里江 The balance will only show when it s 100% synced.
I would start over.
Try this version with chinese language support:
To start over do this:
Restart your computer
Open the windows explorer
Copy and paste this: %appdata%
You see a folder named “Musicoin” there.
Rename it to "oldMusicoin"
Do a time sync with internet ntp
Start the version of the wallet you downloaded from
Do NOT import wallet now
Just click "Open my wallet"
Wait till its 100% synced.
Import your wallet now.
Done! 🙂

I am deeply impressed✨
Thanks for the kind explanation that I can understand.
I will try it now!

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman I don’t believe I did but I could have when I started the app days ago, but if I did/didn’t what do I need to do?

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I succeeded in synchronization.
The coins I sent before are reflected in the balance✨

I got a very kind explanation so I was able to solve it.
Thank you.

I appreciate it very much!

@藤咲有里江 you can now delete the oldMusicoin directory 🙂 to save some diskspace


Glad community is active and it was resolved. I’m busy with backend now so its harder for me to catch up forum or reddit.

community got your back @cryptofuture

Been watching the download traffic per block, I’m thinkin it’s a connection issue for me, like here on the forum it’ll give a message saying the connections been lost but will instantly reconnect, for apps it’s different cuz they usually need to restart to reconnect properly, I’m getting the 1 and 2 mb per second speeds than the issue will hit than I close the app, restart it and the speeds pick back up, so I’m guessing it’s the app and connection.

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