5-10 seconds to skip to next track
might be a bit far fetched considering the player is not working too well so far, but i´d really appreciate to have the option to skip a track (like for 5-10 secs).. otherwise there might be silence instead sometimes which means listeners are changing channels..
@vander-lamp Yes I know what you mean. Check today's Update [BETA 0.3](https://forum.musicoin.org/topic/320/embedded-playlist-beta-0-2) has a skip function. Of course hammering this new feature repeatedly will result in errors, and... as you said it's still so new in the technology, that there's a certain amount of time to buffer the data, load the track information, and load the BETA code in ADDITION to the original $MUSICOIN code. However, I promise you, I've done my best to make the code quick and light as possible - ENJOY the latest update!
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