Idiotproof description to set up a singl computer or join a cloud mining needed


please provide an idiotproof description on how to set up a mine or how to join a cloud mining - for all operating systems supported.
At the moment the description on github seems too unclear for someone who is not techy enough.

Also description to link wallet and mine account.

I very much agree with this! Thank you

I could probably provide an idiot-proof one-click miner with a simple ui within a couple of weeks.
Just let the Dev´s know that there is enough demand and we might get something soon 🙂



Yes that would be cool ! Especially for mac users… I’m not scared of the terminal, but we’re still very much at the scary stage 🙂

Joining a pool is much easier than setting up solo miner. You only need 4 things:

  • wallet:
    The easiest way is to mine directly to your wallet, which is already set up when you register;
    Other way ( probably safer ) is to set up desktop wallet - either official go-musicoin, or parity ( version 1.8 + ). Setup procedures are well documented on github. It’s worth noting that you don’t need to compile from the source, as both go-musicoin and parity have releases compiled for popular operating systems. I personally prefer parity, because it syncs a bit faster.

  • mining program - most popular seem to be claymore and ethminer, there’s also qtminer and few others. Generally any miner that works with etherum will work with musicoin. You can choose whichever you like, but the best are the ones supporting stratum protocol - it’s faster and gives better hashrate. As for setting miner up - most reputable pools have simple setup instructions. You only need to download mining program, open terminal, change directory to where it’s placed and run the program with specific flags, preferably form bat file (win) or bash script (linux). There’s nice and tidy instruction on, but it’s meant for this specific pool and for etherum mining - for musicoin mining and any other pool you only need to change miner flags.
    Note: miner flags are text after miner program name, for instance in:
    ethminer -G -S <pool.address> -O <Your_Musicoin_Address>.<RigName>
    “ethminer” is miner name
    "-G -S <pool.address> -O <Your_Musicoin_Address>.<RigName>" are flags.

  • mining pool - google “musicoin pool”

  • and obviously, mining rig or at least computer with powerful graphics card.

As for solo mining - it’s somewhat harder to set up, and unless you have decent mining rig, not worth it. By decent I mean one that could mine at least one block every few days - right now it’s at least 100 mh/s rig, but once price goes back to 0.1 it’ll be at least 200 or even 300 mh/s.

Hope that helps.

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