Sharing thoughts and info on $MUSIC on my blog

Hey guys,

I’m new to the whole $MUSIC community, and very happy to be part of it. I’ve been investigating the whole musicoin idea lately, and thank to this thriving community I learned a lot.

I am involved on many levels in the music world, as an artist, as a label founder and a lobbyist for artists rights and I thought I’d share some info on my blog on the whole musicoin idea.
Unfortunately it’s in french only 🙂 But if you’d like, I can probably translate it at some point.

I posted the piece on medium too and it was shared on a big french tech news website here.

I hope this will help artists understand how important it is to join forces and get involved in your project. We need big names.

Love from Paris, France



Thanks for the sweet words!

I saw this thread the other day online in Twitter, it made quite some noise so I shared it too with the community! Glad to have you aboard!


@titorotototo My pleasure. I want to help and get involved !


Hey guys, I translated the piece on medium, of anyone wants to share. Time to spread the word !

(hope my english is not too bad).


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@pamelahute Ive reposted a link to this on cryptotwitter. keep up the good work!

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