Hardfork / Upgrade

@hydro-hellsing Thanks ! Can I send directly from the wallet on the site to my ether address? Or do I have to send them to a offline Musicoin wallet on my desktop first?

@mar-t I’m not certain of all that but you should be able to, send 1 coin first to make sure it goes through.


@hydro-hellsing 😉 Tried with 10 MC first, but that didn’t work… I’ll try it via the software wallet on the desktop, then transfer to MEW. I’ll report back when I have a working solution, so we share the knowledge. In the meantime maybe @maelstrohmblack has a few more hints 😉 ? Cheers! Mar T.


@hydro-hellsing Reporting back… sent another 10 mc to a software wallet (version 1.0) and that worked. Then I tried to send 5 MC from that wallet to MEW, and those coins didn’t arrive. Maybe we can think about a solution so it’s easier for musicians to claim their MC’s? I mean… this is not really user-friendly… Any devs that can help us out?
Mar T.

@mar-t Well now that hard fork’s here the devs should be doing tweaks and additions a little faster.


@hydro-hellsing Yep, just testing… 😉 Thanks mate! I’m confident it’ll work out! Cheers!! Mar T.

There is some musicoin in my ledger nano S, At MEW site I tried to send musicoin to another address but error. error message is "Invaild Sender"
How i can send my musicoin in ledger nano S?


@hydro-hellsing Hey man, I probably don’t understand that article, when one wants to hold Musicoin in their MEW ledger nano s ethereum address (MC is an ethereum fork right?), how should that work? I don’t want to trade Musicoin for Bitcoin or Ripple, since we all know Musicoin will be worth a lot more than a Bitcoin once we go to real-word adoption 😉 Any ideas? Didn’t figure it out yet… MC devs?

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@mar-t I don’t have Ledger so I’m not certain. You already sent from your App wallet to the ledger so yeah you’ll have to email Admin and ask about it or wait for them to respond here.

It could be just a normal error or Ledger might not be completely compatible with the Wallet app yet. I saw a post on Reddit just now saying that it would be compatible soon and that was 2 months ago so it might just be that.

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