[JOB OPPORTUNITY] Global Recruiter

Musicoin Global Recruiter

Location: Remote

Job type: Part time/Full Time

Compensation: 75,000 MUSIC (* note: Successful recruitments will be rewarded accordingly)

Job description:

Musicoin is a decentralised platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology in empowering musicians to take full ownership of their content and finances. Our platform is built on a transparent Peer-to-Peer network powered by programmable smart contracts to enable fair remuneration for all musical content and services.

The Musicoin Team is looking for recruiters passionate about disruptive model, familiar with the crypto space, with prior experience in traditional/crypto hiring. We need dedicated people who are committed to the job, have good communication skills and can work by themselves, without requiring constant supervision.

You’ll be working with a fast paced, highly motivated team with a focus on delivering on goals and checkpoints as we move forward. There is no hierarchy and you’ll be working directly with the founder and will have authority to do what benefits the project in general.

Requirements: Understand global human resource demographics Fluent English communication An inclusive mindset Keen to move to Mars someday

Interested parties should email credentials to varunram at musicoin dot org


We are on almost all planets, ready to depart on the next ship? Successes for all participants!!

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