Issues with wallet v0.8

I’m trying to use wallet v0.8 on Windows 8.1 64bit.
I’m facing the following issues:

1-When adding enode list I get the following error:

Failed to add peer: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

2-I keep getting messages about my computer time being -x amount of milliseconds after compared to…
3-I can’t even add my account to the wallet. When I click on add existing account, it opens a dialog box asking me to open a file. Which file am I supposed to open? On v0.7 I could enter my wallet address manually.

Thanks in advance.


Hey guys, I’m on MacOS High sierra and wallet 0.8 won’t launch ever. I tried many times. Re-downloaded.
In the meantime, I’m sticking to 0.7 which works just fine so far.

I have the Mac OS High Sierra as well and have the same issue. I can not get the program to run.

Also, my send button will not work in Wallet 0.7, can somebody tell me where to paste the UTC code to get that to work? Im new to this so sorry ahead of time for my ignorance.


You need to create an account on the wallet first.
website adress -> wallet address -> to whatever address on exchange places (if that’s what you’re trying to do)

Same issue here. I do have a Windows 10 as OS, and I wonder if there is any compatibility issue with wallet 0.8?

@pamelahute Thanks! I did create an account on wallet, I’ve got my password for that, but have never been asked for it again even when uninstalling and reinstalling the program. I created a new wallet (different from my online musicoin wallet) and have found my key for that. I deleted all of the wallet files from my computer hoping to get 0.8 to work, it actually did make it a little further when starting up, but failed right at the end. So, I’m back to 0.7 reinstalled and trying to get this darn send button to show haha.


@john-keefe mmmm strange
did you keep your key for old account? you should be able to add it, and then, send… can you show us a screenshot?

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@pamelahute yes i did keep the full key on a USB just to make sure I wont lose it. I’ll have to send a screen shot later though, I’m at work on a different computer. When I paste in the wallet address it shows up, my balance syncs but it stays blank where the send button should be.


@john-keefe Looks a simple GUI bug, non? You can activate the blank button or no?

@pamelahute I’m not too sure but, no I can’t activate it. I hover my cursor over the top of it and there’s nothing there, it’s just blank.

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