Hey I’m wondering if any other Musicoin artists have songs dedicated to MLK?

I’d like to add songs dedicated to MLK to the top of the Musicoin embedded playlist beta
If you check it now, you’ll see I’ve already added one to the top.
This originally started as a beta test, but might as well use it to celebrate this special day with other special artists right?

I created the embeddable musicoin playlist beta to show what may be to come from musicoin devs
And I’ve been mixing my music together with other musicoin artists and adding to it each day.

Here’s the beta

Here’s how it looks embedded on a website
(you have to scroll down the page until you see it, as it won’t start until it’s visible)

Here’s the post where I explain how to code it

Anyway if you have a track dedicated to MLK, please post the address here, I’d like to expand the playlist to between 20 and 40 songs


@weedmanjah wooo! You got some fiyah on that track. Can’t put anything wit curses on my list cause I teach rapoetry workshops with young kids (and college students), but I definitely FOLLOWED and LIKED cause you got some bars on there siblin!

  1. Drop jewels like Mansa Musa
  2. Love the coco, not the drug but the melanin


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