Any reason for this HUUGE dip?

Anyone? Thoughts? Predictions?

Im aware it has to go into correction, but this is like back to 26/12 price.
Where will this go? Dev, any upcoming news ?


this is a market correction. the value of your musicoins will continue to rise as the market settles into it’s next bullish period. just need strong hands and patience!


@mudrost Looking at the chart it doesn’t seem to drastic to me, to say musicoin is less volatile than other coins is an UNDERSTATEMENT. So I’m cool. Even though it’s less volatile it’s still a coin like any other, so when people sell, it drops, and people buy it rises.

I foresaw this happening because the demographic is musicians right?
So they aren’t HODLing like most coin investors, they’re recording, posting, and taking out profits to pay bills.
However, I think more people will mine, invest, etc. and the coin will start to show a pattern of dropping on weekends when artists withdraw, then rising again when investors buy low. I personally was looking at this first as an alternative music platform only, but now, I’ll be looking into trading it cause to have a coin this affordable take a dip and then rise again (which it probably will), while being stable due to the business model (unlike pump and dumps lol) is a really great coin to trade.

Just my thoughts, I’m not an investor OR music industry pro LOL

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