Google to Ban Ads on Cryptocurrencies & Related Products

In January, Facebook said it will ban ads promoting financial products and services tied to cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings.

The policy will be implemented across its platforms, including Facebook, Audience Network and Instagram, the company said.


Cryptocurrencies doesn’t need promotion.

It’s because of all those ICO scams…

@musicoin-italia But it might apply to musicoin directly being a crypto based site. Banning crypto related ads means musicoin the website can’t promote itself, and individual artists like us might not be able to promote our music pages and music exclusive to musicoin because it operates on crypto currency.


Hello @hydro-hellsing, nice to Musicoin you! Mmhhh, as far as I understand it, what Facebook and Google are (ridiculously) banning are crypto-related ads to be published on their platforms, not articles, videos from or about Musicoin artists and their contents, etc. Otherwise they should launch a kind of “Witches Hound” and erase thousands of their users posts, deepening even more the current traffic transfer taking place towards blockchain-based sites (see how many influential YouTubers have already migrated to DTube)…

I feel it’s more a promising signal, about how they’re beginning to detect the ground moving below their GAFA feet, haha (I use to speak of the “TUGAFA”, adding them Tesla and Über - and “tu gafa”, in Spanish, means… “your Goggle” 😉 ).

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@ijatz-guatemala Hello, yes I know that they still allow articles and videos, but actual ads are still important. Some people use social media promotion sites, other people still use ads to target the masses across searches and websites.

I haven’t read the full scale of the rules they’ve made, but Facebook page ads would most likely be included, so maybe that means you can promote an ad of your Facebook page but not the content if it’s crypto currency related which would still be a problem for clicks from users.

I don’t know, maybe Musicoin will still be alright, but it’s just the wording that they use of crypto currency related products that concerns me because that’s pretty broad, and all of our music pages and any exclusives would fall under that criteria. I guess we’ll have to see how it goes.

ICO madness has created this. I think this is for the good honestly in the long-term.

… google / facebook to create their on goocoin / facecoin perhaps ? …

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