Am I the only podcaster on MusicCoin?

What’s up all.
I just uploaded my first episode here.
Is there anyone else using the MusicCoin platform to upload their podcasts?


How do you do? I’m not able to do it

@musicoin-italia A Podcast is basically just a talk show that’s live or recorded, video or just audio.

I dont think its appropriate to upload podcasts. Its about music, not talking. It aint a blog

@MJMoonbow-aka-Tinman i respectfully disagree 🙂 I think all artist should sign up and monetize their work included podcaster. It’s not only about music, it’s how we can change how people will livre from their work.

Podcaster aint artists… normally ppl do pay their psychologist, when they need to talk about their feelings. I dont see a point in having that on a music platform… yes its raining, now the sun is shining. i woke up this morning and my head was all itchy… some guy in the supermarket just was soooo rude…
I say: No, thanks!

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman and @Thibault-Shagersword

At it’s best podcasters use sound design and script writing to create a great audio experience for the listener. There is an art to it.

At it’s worst podcasters simply press record and talk into a mic.

In my show I use my own production and perform through the show.

@Irshad-Azeez If you perform in it, i guess its differentl, and yeah I g guess I could live with such a podcast.:) and im not talking about your podcast, since I didnt lsiten to it. Its more in generell.
Still dont like them and Im still not sure if its good to have podcasts on musicoin.
I think its too focused on the spoken word, its rather a blog then something steady.
Normally it loses it value by time, since people are only interested in your actual podcast.
Its like i would uploafd the same song every day or twice a day with slightly different settings!
Ive to do that to equal wih podcasts? I spam the server with 666 versions of each of my songs…lol

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I think they reffer to music podcasts (very popular in Europe).

@buleumarius They’re becoming popular everywhere, if your on Soundcloud you may have seen the promotional ad for the golden era of podcasts.

@Hydro-Hellsing its not you, who desiceds, what i debate about!

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman That’s not what I mean, I mean it’s nothing we have a say on. But since you bring it up (lol) you were trying to decide what kind of audio people can make and upload so there you go. 😁

@Hydro-Hellsing no i stated my opinion about a point i dont like! I guess you dont get the difference, so keep talking about it.

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman There’s no point in talking about it, that was my original point LOL Podcasts are allowed, that’s what he does, doesn’t matter what any of us like, dislike or think is appropriate, which was your original comment.

He didn’t ask us for our opinions, he asked if anyone else does podcasts, everybody hijacked his thread, ignored his original question and made it into a debate about something that’s not up for debate on Musicoin. And now I’m done talking about it lol.

You are just too … to get it LOL

Lol its cool guys.

I’ll keep an eye out for any other podcasters. Eventually I will upload my own music here as well.

I do live radio shows on the internet showcasing other songs that I’ve listened to from artists - then I would post the recorded show on to mixcloud. When I get enough songs from musicoin and create a show of only musicoin artists (Drum & Bass Producers) then I will put it on the platform but at the moment, there are only 4-5 dnb producers.

I think there are some rules about posting a podcast but with the way the contract system works on this platform, it makes the distribution of royalties a lot easier and fairer.

I don’t know why Moonbow is getting upset.

@Irshad-Azeez - what do you post in your podcast?

What’s up @nicky-havey-0.

I’ll be dropping episode 2 of the podcast in about 3 days BTW.

It’s a short podcast. I keep it under 10 minutes. I talk to the audience about what’s on my mind, usually some kind of anecdote from my life, a story or something to do with current events. Right now I live in Sri Lanka and have experienced the music scene in the Middle East as well so I bring a POV to music that is slightly different.

I then play the audience a demo that I made recently. The demos may or may not be turned into full songs later. I call the demos because I just learned how to produce my own beats last year and I am continuing to grow and improve. So what they are hearing in the demo is only going to get better later.

The podcast and music will fall under the category of hip hop.

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