Ideas are ideas but this is a must i guess

So check it! i love this platform right… i just started to notice some cool things that can be definitely improved!

I think that for an outsider who clicks on my link profile…its very important to get straight to my releases especially if he uses smartphone tablet etc ( not saying that posts and actions aren’t important) but a newcomer wants to get straight to music. It will be dope if u can add releases 1st, and under that…the posts and actions…


Possible because i just joined 2 days ago im still a rookie and if im wrong , correct be but why im not notified about anything??

i have to click on my own track to verify if somebody adds a comment or like? im not used to do that

it will be dope to enable the notifications icon in the upper right corner of the screen right near the profile icon so i can clearly see who, did what , when etc…

2nd of all or maybe 3rd 😄 im concerned about this 1 thing? TIPS cant be stored in the wallet?

i have 10 tips and 50 MC…that means 60MC…and in my wallet shows that i have 50!! but in the upper right corner of my screen says 60 MC EARNED… im curious if tips are just for spining around the platform or we can also store them and witdraw em as well?

Lets talk about it!

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@andrei-claudiu Good questions

In this post I found out why the different MC values are in the wallet and the profile.

but… I doesn’t make sense that your wallet has less than your profile. The wallet should be > profile > individual tracks
UNLESS you took coins out of your wallet. Keep me posted, cause that’s very curious.

In this post we talked about being able to see who tips and follows you,
and seeing other people’s comments on your profile

One thing I realized is that FACEBOOK allows you to only show YOUR OWN comments in the profile
and then you can CHOOSE to repost other peoples comments.
TWITTER also does that.

And that’s cool, but…
both fb and twitter let YOU SEE THE posts tagging you privately.
Without seeing who followed and tipped us, how can we CHOOSE to repost right?
On this forum we’re writing, when you go to your profile you can see who follows you.
Anyway check out those other posts and see if that makes sense?

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