No send button in wallet

I can not find my wallet file and my key back up does nothing as well. There is no send button, but my coins have synced with the website wallet. Is there a path I should know to find the wallet file on MAC OS?


Hey, which version of the wallet is this? And do you have the UTC file? The path is specified at

@vg For those of us who have the previous version of the desktop wallet, do we have to uninstall the previous version first and then install the v0.8?


@vg I dont’ have that file in my computer, but the previous version worked (except when I chose to use the backup key button, it never worked). But it synced and the information was all correct. Now, with this version it keeps asking me for a file I don’t have (I suppose that it is this UTC file). What can I do?

@soundphaser Jesus christ man. I hope you store your private key somewhere because it sounds that you just go your private key override with the new V0.08 version. and if it’s the case you won’t be able to retrieve your fund… forever. Same shit happened to me but stored my UTC file somewhere safe.


@thibault-shagersword The strange thing is that I didn’t even had the key before the 0.8 version. Tha Keystore folder was empty…

@soundphaser did you click on the back up file button at all (v0.07)?


@thibault-shagersword Yes, and the thing blocked always for hours and hours and nothing happened

@vg Hey, thanks for the reply! I’m using the V0.7, I can’t get the V0.8 to run…
So I did find my UTC file. What folder should that file be in to get a working send button? Is it supposed to be in the keystore?

@vidas-pinkevicius I’d like to know the answer to that question as well. I can not get V0.8 to run for me. It quits unexpectedly, or just wont start at all

@vg I’ve tried many combinations of things to get this program running correctly. I saved my UTC key and password on a USB and deleted all files to do with the wallet from my computer. I unistalled the wallet as well, in an attempt to start fresh. Last night I was too frustrated to continue. I’m a noob to this whole thing, a step by step instruction would be so helpful for installation of the wallet for me and other musicians who have no idea what we are doing. haha

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