I like Musicoin, BUT

the idea of decentralised platform for musicians and labels is perfect, but i see some gaps here:

  • listeners cannot buy “credits” using common payment method
  • musicians cannot get money without using exchange
  • how the platform will get bigger and reach more audience if there won’t be popular artists
  • there already exists bandcamp where people can listen to music for free and even buy it (i personnaly don’t ike the interface that much, but still it’s more practical than musicoin)
  • the market has impact on the price of musicoin, which means listeners would pay different amounts of money for same amount of credits and plays.

These are things which should be improved, if I’m wrong in some points, correct me please.

@rob-webber Some good points - it’s still early days on this site, though. Just to come back on the last point about the market - listeners can listen for free (I think the exception is unverified artists - I have to pay 1MC for a play, so presumably that is the same for all listeners). My other thought on this point was that there is going to be a bit of variation on other sites, too, because of ‘real money’ markets’ exchange rates. Eg if I’m selling on Bandcamp in £GBP, someone ordering from there outside of the UK will be subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

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