Message for Deadly Buda / Andre

Greets - sent you messages in the Discord a week ago - people there say to post here are you’re not on Discord. I closed down the Slack due to all the spam and the move to Discord. Can either Deadly Buda / Andre check inboxes & drop me a line on the discord about a publicity idea. Cheers Beam Up

Official communication right now is the forum. Private message communication works too if you need anything in concrete and don’t wanna share it public.

You can hit me in Discord if you need something there too or Telegram, I am pretty much every day under “Shamino” name.

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everyone can chat privately via this way.

  1. visit target profile.
  2. click new chat button that was marked red square.


@hayrullah-cansu Ohh that’s great. Thanks for sharing! I am updating my reply now 🙂

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